Professional bat licence training courses

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In this previous blog post, I answered a number of frequently asked questions including how to get a bat licence.

In this blog post I share information about the different in professional bat licence training courses available. This post started as market research but I thought I would share it. I seek to provide just the facts to allow people to make a more-informed decision. All of the information provided is believed to be accurate at the time of writing and was gathered from the respective websites.

Who provides professional bat licence training?

I am aware of the following providers:

What’s the difference?

The table below outlines the similarities and differences.

 Bats Research & TrainingWild Wings EcologyGreena Ecological ConsultancyEcology Training UK
Licences available
Class 1?
Class 2?
Class 3?XX
Class 4?XX
Delivery method
Duration of training
Class 11 Year2 days and 1 night3x 5 days and 4 nights?Not on website
Class 21 Year  3 days and 2 nights5 days and 4 nights?Not on website
Class 3N/A3 days and 2 nights5 days and 4 nights?Not on website
Class 4N/A3 days and 2 nights1 day and 1 night?Not on website
Contact time
Class 153 hours online and 50 hours in-person14 hoursNot on website40 hours
Class 253 hours online and 50 hours in-person20 hoursNot on website40 hours
Class 3N/A26 hoursNot on websiteN/A
Class 4N/A26 hoursNot on websiteN/A
Hours100Lower tier licence i.e. Level 1 if attending training for Level 2 Not on website100
Practical test(s)
Written exam/quizX
Cost for training £3200 no VAT
(Level 2)
£675 – Level 1
£885 – Level 2
£985 – Level 3/4
Not on website£1600 inc VAT
Course completion certificate or reference provided?
 References (x2)Course completion certificateNot clearReference (x1)
Free annual CPD day?XXX

Have I missed you?

Do you run a bat licence training course which is not included above? Get in touch to let me know and I will add you to the table.

Have I got it wrong?

If I have got something wrong, please get in touch and I will happily correct it.

Page updated May 2024

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