Creating Bat Roosts in Trees – POSTPONED


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Date: TBC
Venue: Bristol

The Creating Bat Roosts in Trees course has been designed to provide professional ecologists and arborists with an understanding of how to replicate natural roosting requirements using chainsaws. Using this approach, we believe it is possible to create new roosting opportunities for tree-dwelling bats.

This one-day course comprises a mix of indoor and outdoor sessions. The morning session is spent indoors covering the history of habitat creation in trees, understanding the roosting requirements of a particular bat species and how chainsaws can be used to replicate these as close as possible. The afternoon session will be spent putting theory into practice. Delegates have the chance to observe some roost features being created and examine these from a ladder.

The course uses existing knowledge about bat roosting requirements to provide guidance on how to create new habitats for bat species. For the course we will focus on barbastelle and Bechstein’s bats, but participants will learn how to apply this theory to any tree-dwelling bat species.

The course is suitable for ecological and arboricultural professionals with at least a basic understanding of bat ecology.

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Provide an overview of existing roost creation trials, including understanding successes and failures.
  • Use an understanding of how trees grow and decay to create roosting features for bats using a range of tools.
  • Use the Bat Tree Habitat Key data to understand the precise roosting requirements of a particular bat species, so these can be replicated as close as possible.
  • Describe the importance of monitoring to determine whether a roost feature has been used by bats and create an evidence base.

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