Ecological considerations for Bat Surveys

Bat Licence Training – a sneak peak (sessions 3&4)

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Ecological considerations for Bat Surveys

In December and January the Bat Licence Training Programme continued. This training is designed to provide trainees with the knowledge and skills to hold their own bat survey licence. Now in its third year online, our training is the most comprehensive professional bat licence training available and the only one currently running which offers two references. Designed to fit around work, we will spend thirteen days together across either one or two years. During this time, it is my job to navigate the trainees through the wide range of topics we need to cover to ensure they meet the necessary standard. The training is delivered using a hybrid format, with a mixture of online and face-to-face sessions. We cover the theory during the winter, picking up the practical skills during the summer.

What do we cover?

The content of the Bat Licence Training Programme is based on the Bat Conservation Trust’s Professional Training Standards. This document covers the following topics:
    • Legislation, licensing and planning
    • Considerations for bat surveys
    • Ecological considerations for bat surveys
    • Preliminary ecological appraisal for bats
    • Bat roost inspection surveys – buildings built structures and underground sites
    • Bat roost inspection surveys – trees
    • Emergence/re-entry surveys – structures and trees
    • Bat activity and back tracking surveys
    • Advanced licence bat surveys
    • Data analysis and interpretation
    • Writing bat reports
    • Bat roost mitigation
As we progress through the online sessions, I plan to share a sneak-peak of the online sessions. See my previous blog posts for a sneak peak at the ‘Legislation, licensing and planning‘ and ‘Considerations for bat surveys‘ sessions. In sessions three and four we covered Ecological considerations for Bat Surveys (also known as bat biology and ecology). Watch this short video to find out what we got up to. If you would like to train with us, please get in touch.

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